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My Google Scholar citations

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Schweizer RM† & Velotta JP†,Ivy C, Jones MR, Muir SM, Bardburd GS, Storz JF, Scott G, Cheviron ZA. 2019.Physiological and genomic evidence that selection on the transcription factor Epas1has altered cardiovascular function in high-altitude deer mice.PLoS Genetics. 15(11):e1008420.† authors contributed equally

Nelson T, Jones MR, Velotta JP, Dhawanjewar A, Schweizer RM. 2019. Unveiling connections between genotype, phenotype, and fitness in natural populations. Molecular Ecology.2019: 1-11.

Velotta JP, Ivy CM, Wolf CJ, Scott GR, Cheviron ZA. 2018.Maladaptive phenotypic plasticity in cardiac muscle growth is suppressed in high-altitude deer mice. Evolution.72: 2712–2727.

Velotta JP and Cheviron ZA.2018. Remodeling ancestral phenotypic plasticity in local adaptation: A new framework to explore the role of genetic compensation in the evolution of homeostasis.Integrative and Comparative Biology. 58: 1098-1100.

Velotta JP, McCormick SD, Jones AW, Schultz ET. 2018. Reduced swimming performance repeatedly evolves upon loss of migration in landlocked populations of Alewife.Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. 91: 814-825. Cover story

Tate, KB, Ivy, CM, Velotta JP, Storz JF, McClelland GB, Cheviron ZA, Scott GR.2017.Circulatory mechanisms underlying adaptive increases in thermogenic capacity in high-altitude deer mice. Journal of Experimental Biology. 220: 3616-3620

Velotta JP,Wegrzyn JL, Ginzburg S*, Kang L, O’Neill RJ, Czesny S, McCormick SD,Michalak P, Schultz ET. 2017.Transcriptomic imprints of adaptation to fresh water: parallel evolution of osmoregulatory gene expression in the Alewife. Molecular Ecology.25: 831-848

Velotta JP, Jones J, Wolf CJ, Cheviron ZA. 2016. Transcriptomic plasticity in brown adipose tissue underlies an enhanced capacity for non-shivering thermogenesis in deer mice. Molecular Ecology.25: 2870-2886

Velotta JP, McCormick SD, Schultz ET. 2015. Trade-offs in osmoregulation and parallel shifts in molecular function follow ecological transitions to freshwater in the Alewife. Evolution.69: 2679-2688

Velotta JP, McCormick SD, O’Neill RJ, Schultz ET. 2014. Relaxed selection causes microevolution of seawater osmoregulation and gene expression in landlocked Alewives. Oecologia. 175: 1081-1092

Michalak K, Czesny S, Epifanio J, Snyder RJ, Schultz ET, Velotta JP, McCormick SD, Brown BL, Santopietro G, Michalak P. 2014. Beta-thymosin gene polymorphism facilitates freshwater invasiveness of Alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus). Journal of Experimental Zoology A. 321: 233-240. Cover story

Harding SM and Velotta JP. 2011. Comparing the relative amount of testosterone required to restore sexual arousal, motivation, and performance in male rats. Hormones and Behavior. 59: 666-673

Manuscripts in Progress

Velotta JP, Robertson CE, Schweizer RM, McClelland GB, Cheviron ZA. 2019. Adaptive shifts in gene regulation underlie a developmental delay in thermogenesis in high-altitude deer mice. bioArxiv.doi: In peer-review at Molecular Biology and Evolution.

Velotta JP,Funk EC*,Fucikova K,McCormick SD, Schultz ET.In revision.Restriction to freshwater leads to loss of water balance and gene expression of intestinal aquaporin-1in the Alewife. Fish Physiology and Biochemistry                                                                                            * undergraduate mentee

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